I live and work between Altea, Spain and Rome where I was born.
I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and at the University of Fine Arts UMH Altea, Spain, which ended in October 2009.

In my work I follow a multidisciplinary course in which the absence of color prevails, highlighting a minimalism of matter. Through the manipulation of painting as a means of expression, printing techniques such as collagraph and sculpture represent distorted representations at the limit of abstraction.

The artistic development project focuses on the portrait and deepens the psychic limit that the individual surpasses in the emotional state. In this reflection, in a narrative form, one contemplates an evolution of being that exceeds its barriers, converting them into their own way of escape. It comes to an imaginary world made of obscure fantasies and intimate pleasures that refer to desire as the impulse of the human being.

By referencing emotional perception, the individualistic interpretation changes, which extends in the form of etymological analysis. I come up with a reflection on the anthropological connection between the two emerging interpretations: the negative connotation of the boundary as a barrier that can not be blocked in a state of stoppage takes on a positive value by opening itself to new horizons.

“Arianna De Nicola, realizes an research to enter the depths of the human being. The physical and psychic limits, the visible and most hidden fears. An attempt of dip in the deepest of the psyche; A personal trip of confrontation with one itself and of overcoming. Beyond the minimalismo and of the aesthetic subtlety, Arianna pushes us to give this jump to the emptiness that supposes overcoming the barriers that us flood the soul.” 
 Esperanza Durán, 2017.


29/09 - 12/11/2017 Deep. Fundación Frax. Alfàs del Pi, Alicante, Spain.
Curated by Esperanza Durán (*)
2017 Fira del Xicotet Format. Altea, Alicante, Spain.
2014 Linear. Play Lab. Rome, Italy
2009 I-foot. Spazio Zip. Frascati, Rome, Italy. (*)

2017 Casa Cultura. Altea, Alicante, Spain.
2017 Bestiario. Base Galería. Altea, Alicante, Spain.
2015/13 Festival Arte & Passione. Rocca Priora, Rome, Italy.
2014 Open call. SetUp Contemporary Art Fair. Autostazione di Bologna, Italy.
2014 Svincolando. La Rua. Marino, Rome, Italy.
2014 Il salotto di Omero. La volpe all'uva. Frascati, Rome, Italy.
2013 Identità. Festival Borgo in Arte. Auditorium Castel Gandolfo, Rome, Italy.
2012 Carmina Burana in Jazz. Performance. Auditorium San Marco in Lamis. Foggia, Italy.
2011 Sala de Exposiciones de la Casa Condesa de Torre Isabel. Motril, Spain.
2011 Le forme del bello. Scuderie Aldobrandini. Frascati, Rome, Italy. (*)
2010 Quintessenze. Neo Art Gallery. Scuderie Aldobrandini. Frascati, Rome, Italy. (*)
2009 LBA2 2ª Muestra de cine experimental y videoarte. Filmoteca de Albacete, Spain.
2009 Eccesso. Studi Panama. Rome, Italy.
2009 Melide Mail Art. Sala Sanoguera Fotografia Arte y Diseño. A Coruña, Spain. (*)
2008 Tra secessione e decò. 4a Biennale dell'Illustrazione. Museo della Memoria Renzo C.Ventura. Colmurano, Macerata, Italy. (*)
2008 Oltre le Mura. Accademia del Superfluo. Cappella Orsini. Rome, Italy. (*)

BoCS Art Residency curated by Alberto Dambruoso and Annalisa Ferraro, "I Martedì Critici". Cosenza, italy.

2012 Sustainable elegant solutions- Wind garden art, Energitismo. Vicenza, Italy.

2017 Fira del Xicotet Format. Altea, Alicante, Spain. (Selection)
2011 Acesa. Pintura Rápida. Salobreña, Granada, Spain.
2011 Pintura Rápida. Motril, Granada, Spain.
2008 Pintura Rápida. Torre Manzana, Alicante, Spain.
2008 Pintura Rápida. La Nucía, Alicante, Spain.

2005/09 Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma. Italy.
2007/08 Universidad Miguel Hernández, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Altea. Alicante, Spain.

Fundación Frax. Alicante, Spain.
Contemporary Art Museum of Cosenza, Italy.

(*) Edited Catalog